Welcome to MbUnit

This is the home of the Generative Unit Test Framework for the .NET Framework. MbUnit provides advanced unit testing support with advanced fixtures to enable developers and testers to test all aspects of their software. MbUnit has just released version 2.4 and has a dedicated development team working on MbUnit Gallio.

Latest News
MbUnit v3 Alpha 1 Released
Today we decided to cut an early preview release of the Gallio Automation Platform and MbUnit v3. Alpha 1 marks a significant milestone: much of the groundwork is in place. However, this release is primarily of interest to fellow toolsmiths. We do not recommend using it in a production environment at this time. This is a work in progress.
Created at 29/11/2007 13:25:04 by Ben Hall
New Website Functionality
Additional functionality has been implemented on the website. Features include a list of articles and all blog posts tagged with MbUnit. If anyone has any feedback, then please let us know – would be great to hear what you think.